About this running blog

My name is Paul Weston, I am an amatuer runner…it’s more of a hobby or an interest than anything too serious, although I am very competitive and hate to lose.

100 words per mile is a running blog where I enter all my runs no matter the distance or the time or the location, my aim is to do it for a year to monitor my progress.

It’s one of those running blogs that are simple to follow, I write thing as I say them. Some things are a rant, some things are heart felt. Pretty much all of it is honest. I’m not here to offend people.

I am hoping to enter a couple of events in 2012, and would love to run the a marathon one day, preferrably the New York marathon, but I’d do Milton Keynes one too, just as long as I am fit enough and can raise a bit of cash for charity.

Please feel free to comment on any blogs if you want to.

Happy reading.

To find out a little more about me, you can visit my Weston007 site or my Essex Social Media site.


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