Bike ride to work

Stupid ideas

I have had many stupid ideas in my time, mostly when I was younger, you get wiser as you get older, not quite true in my case, ok, so maybe slightly wiser.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I was going on a bike ride to work, I was going to borrow a company pool car for a weekend, I couldn’t drive my car and pool car home so I decided to ride my bike to work and put it in the boot and drive home.

My journey to work when I drive is 16 miles door to door. I had mapped a more ‘direct’ (?) route at about 20 miles for the bike ride in. I reckoned I could cover a mile every 5 minutes, quick calculations indicate a journey time of about 1 hour 40 minutes.

I must be nuts

I woke up the following morning and checked the weather outside, it looked like it was going to be a warm one, a slight breeze and the odd cloud.

I showered, dressed and went down stairs. I felt ok considering yesterday’s hard run and biking to and from the running club, I was pretty sure, well maybe only quite sure, that my legs would hold up for the next couple of hours or so.

I left home at 6am, heading for the country lanes and back roads and as fewer hills as possible. The first 4 miles were good. Mile 5 was mainly up hill to Danbury, turned right went through Bicknacre, along to Hanningfield.

I came to a T junction which was where I picked up my normal route to work. I had to turn left and face a rather large up hill ride. I took a breather for a couple of minutes, swallowed and energy gel and some water before battling on again.

I’d reached 12 miles and was feeling pretty good, I was an hour into it, and reckoned another half hour and I would be there.

What goes up must come down

The ride up the hill wasn’t as bad as I had expected, after pedaling through Retendon village it was a case of what goes up must come down…a nice steady downward, effortless glide to the bottom of the hill to the main roundabout, straight over that, and the next one immediately after.

Then it was a slow grinding battle up an ongoing hill to the lights at Rawreth, and then another ‘legs in the air’ and ‘flies in your teeth’ few moments as I sped down hill towards another roundabout.

I was very close to work now, a mile and a half, two miles tops maybe. I threw a right at the roundabout, my thighs were aching and my backside was sore.

The last few hundred yards were both annoyingly slow yet exhilarating, and as I got off my bike when I pulled into the car park I was very happy to be off of that bloody saddle! My bike ride to work had been amazing, a challenge and rewarding.

It had taken me an hour and a half to cover 18.5 miles, a lovely sunny morning through some stunning countryside…should do it more often really.

Here’s the bike ride to work.


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