LETJOG14 – Week 11

It’s good to talk

Another week with only one run - my current mileage so far in the LETJOG14 challenge hasn’t even touched 150 miles. I should be way way past that by now.

I’ve got lots of catching up to do.

My only run this week was with Crispy. I asked him if he fancied a run Tuesday evening, we agreed a steady pace (around 8:30 I think is what he said….), and I thought I suggested a 5 miler, apparently not.

This Week’s Runs!

Tuesday - 7.4 miles (click here) - Crispy and I headed out into the fresh evening air, I had the head torch, while he had the red light on his back.

We settled into a good pace and chatted about things in general, he is running the Colchester half marathon next weekend, so a steady run was needed.

I don’t think I have ever talked so much whilst running. OK, so the odd hello how are you doing to fellow racers maybe – being polite like, but not a full blown conversation.

And it was quite comfortable too, I wasn’t gasping. Which was odd considering we were getting faster and faster. Each mile quicker than the one before.

7 miles later and just over an hour and we were done. I’d really enjoyed it, it had been one of those runs that flew past and didn’t take much effort, yet I felt like I’d had a good run – if that makes sense.

Weekly total = 7.4 miles

Total covered this year = 132.87 miles

Distance left to cover = 738.13 miles.

Next target – 150 miles (I can almost smell it)



LETJOG14 – Week 10

Out came the sunshine….

Runners. Everywhere. It’s amazing.

I walk to work from Liverpool St station every morning, and when it has been wintery and dark I may have passed 1 maybe 2 joggers / runners – which, considering it’s 7:15am, is pretty fair.

Since the rain has gone a bit, and it’s getting a little lighter of a morning, there are runners everywhere – it’s encouraging, it’s motivating – it makes me smile.

I wonder how many of them are doing the LETJOG14 challenge?

This Week’s Runs!

Tuesday - 4.1 miles (click here) - This was my one and only run of the week. Considering the change in weather I should have got out more often, but it wasn’t to be. A poor effort.

But what I lacked in volume I made up for in pace. This is a cracking route, picking up the thames pathway at the Millenium bridge and running along the Embankment to Westminster Bridge and back.

There were hods of runners, it was like being in a race. And you know what I like about it? There are runners of all different shapes, sizes, abilities, colours, but they’re all out there enjoying themselves and keeping fit and healthy (well most of them were, there were a couple of women I past that looked like they wanted the world to end there and then).

A sprightly 4.1 miles with a 7:28 average pace was good enough for me. That includes dodging around the tourists, especially at Westminster Brigde and just before where they stop and gawp across the river to the Millenium Wheel….

I managed to get myself into at least 5 tourist’s photos on this run hahaha

Weekly total = 4.1 miles

Total covered this year = 125.47 miles

Distance left to cover = 745.53 miles.

Next target – 150 miles (almost there)


LETJOG14 – Week 8

Give me more!

I was adamant that I was going to run more than 15 miles this week, just under 12 miles last week, and a poor performance the week before have left me well under the average mileage count to beat this LETJOG14 challenge, it’s time to up the ante and start cracking out some proper runs, especially with the Warwick Castle Half Marathon a few weeks away.

This Week’s Runs!

Sunday - 8.5 miles (click here) – A pleasant Sunday evening run with Wifey, my aim was to target 8 miles and keep each one under the 10 minute barrier, which we almost did, all barring 3 of the 8.5 miles. And that was mainly down to waiting to cross roads. Very proud of Wifey, she is coming along well, and should be in good shape for the Southend half marathon in June!

Tuesday - 5.4 miles (click here) - The Lunchime 5 miler, frought with it’s usual mix of deaf and ‘stop dead in their tracks’ tourists, light jumping cyclists and kids on half term! Fast paced, chilly and entertaining. Love it.

Saturday – 3.6 miles (click here) – I went to the gym yesterday….I ached when I woke up. I went to the gym this morning…running was not top of my to do list, but needed to get out just for a quick 5k. So I went when Edward was at football training, a quick blat around the village, not quite the 5 miler I normally do, but it was enough!

Weekly total = 17.5 miles

Total covered this year = 106.65 miles

Distance left to cover = 764.35 miles.

Next target – 150 miles!  


LETJOG14 – Week 7

Arrghh I still cant get motivated!

Still not feeling the running love.

Not sure what’s been going on with my head for the past few weeks, ok, so I was a bit sick last week, but even before that I wasn’t motivated. Running bored me.

A good couple of runs this week put my total into double figures.

Tuesday night’s run was all thanks to my mate Crispy. We’ve run together before a couple fo years ago, and we’ve done the Southend Half Marathon together on a scorching hot Sunday….He stopped running after that, and credit where it’s due has got himself back into it, and from the way he ran tuesday night, storming up a bastard of a hill like it was flat was impressive!! It’s good to see him back!

This Week’s Runs!

Tuesday - 6.3 miles (click here) – An invite from Crispy to see if I fancied a 5 miler was a blessing in disguise, the spark I needed to get my arse outside and the chance to run a new route. Crispy, back into running with much motivation and drive was an inspiration, and I reckon I could of beaten him over the 5 miles if it wasn’t for 2 ruddy great hills that I haven’t ran before (he has run them frequently), the first was ridiculous and he pounded up it like a feather weight gazelle – the git!

Thursday - 5.4 miles (click here) - Another crack at the new lunchtime route, I really enjoy this and hope to do it at least once a week. One day I will get used to the tourists, apparently dodging in and out of them and cyclists helps to build your core muscles….at least that’s what I am telling myself!

Weekly total = 11.7 miles

Total covered this year = 89.15 miles

Distance left to cover = 781.85 miles.

Feeling better!

No Excuses.

Let The Running Commence….

…well maybe not today, but possibly tomorrow. Or perhaps the day after?

I want to run but….

…I’ve got an excuse. I had a really bad car accident at the beginning of October and have been unable to run or train properly or go to the gym. I have been out for the odd run here or there, just to de-stress and unwind. Or to run with Wifey; who ironically picked up her running enthusiasm just as mine was lost in a 70mph wrestle with bloody great lorry.

To be fair, as good as an excuse as that is, it still doesn’t and hasn’t really stopped me from running or curbed my enthusiasm for running; far from it. Not being able to get out on a regular basis has been bloody frustrating, but I have enjoyed watching Wifey go from strength to strength as she trains for her first half marathon in June.

Something to aim for.

Her aim is to conquer the Southend Half Marathon, and whilst she only manages to get out once or twice a week she is already hitting 8-10 mile runs at a steady pace, it’ good training for a half marathon, 13 miles at the beginning of June should be a walk in the park for her.

I have entered this race too, and aim to cross the line with Wifey. I have ran it twice before, it’s a fairly easy course, simple route, and has lots of support from the crowds, especially when it’s hot and they hose you down!

For me, the race is 6 months away, by then I should have finished my physio, and be nearing the pace and good physique I was in back in October. But it gives me something positive to aim for, and in training I should eat away into the 800 plus miles that forms this LETJOG14 challenge.

But for now…

… I am going to break off another strip of this massive dairy milk bar of chocolate and pour myself another glass of port and lemonade…perhaps I will get my running kit ready for the morning and go out before work….?

Tenner says I don’t though!

Thursday 28th June 2012 – multi terrain running

A cunning plan

Whilst driving to work today I was thinking about tomorrow morning. Already thinking ahead. The reason for this was I would be riding my bicycle to work (I would be using a company car over the weekend – unable to drive two cars home), the plan would be to put the bike in the boot for the journey home.

So anyway, this got me thinking, why not ride my bike to the running club tonight, complete the run / route and then ride the bike home. Simples. It was four miles from home to the running club. That was manageable right?

I’d forgotten one thing

I was looking forward to tonight’s mini endurance test. Like the fool that I am.

To be honest the ride to the club wasn’t too bad, it took me just over 20 minutes to get there. That was the easy part. I had failed to do one thing today, and that was to check which route we would be running is evening at the club. The route is always posted on the website on the day, this was something I had totally over looked.

It turned out the route wasn’t a simple 5 miler, along tarmac covered pathways, nope, this was partly along pathways, but mainly running along the river bank, through fields, and around fields for about 8.5 miles.

The run was far from easy, I struggle running through fields, I struggle with the uneven surface and nigh on running one foot inline with the other…and hoping the person in front of you doesn’t go for a burton.

Back on my bike

It was tough but enjoyable. I managed to run it in 1 hour 15 minutes, not bad considering the multi terrain running challenge.

So once we were back at the running club HQ it time for stretch and then back on my bike for the four mile ride home. Perhaps a little slower than the ride to the club, and a little more up hill.

In had ridden 8 miles and ran 8.5 miles. I was knackered..but buzzing..!

This is the run.

Running though the fields.

Thursday 14th June 2012 – Chelmsford running routes

Club night

Thursdays seem to come round so quickly, which isn’t a bad thing as it’s the only day I really get to run with other people and always come away feeling like I have given 100%. Plus it’s nice to have a bit of a natter to other people as I run, and to find out a bit about my fellow club mates, I am after all a newbie here!

It’s always nice to get there as the room is filling up, lots of buzz about the room and every time I’ve been so far there has been someone new joining that night. Running seems to be growing in popularity as a recreational past-time and great way to keep fit, plus clubs also have a great social side too.

Back to school

Tonight’s run would be the Newhall route. A 6.5 mile run up and around the large private school next to Beaulieu Park. This was the route I first ran with the club, tonight I would try to run a bit slower than last time, my legs felt heavy around 5 miles on the previous run.

As Chelmsford running routes go, this one has a good mix. It was mainly running on pavement except for when you run along dirt tracks at the back of Beaulieu Park, then cut across a couple of fields along the back perimeter of the school, then it’s back down the long drive of the school to the roundabout at the A12. A steady mile or so along the pavement, past the BMW garage towards BnQ and then back towards HQ.

The run

It was quite overcast today and we’d been threatened with rain so I went out with my running jacket on expecting a drop of the wet stuff.

We all set off at a nice steady pace, I tagged in with a couple of guys that are quicker than me, the pace was manageable but after a couple of miles I was breathing hard. The bloody 3 mile mental block / barrier I go through each and every time is so frustrating. I wanted to stop and walk. I just had to keep going, as soon as we got to mile 4 I was fine.

Oh and as for the rain, no such thing. The sun came out and ensured I was toasty warm. Too warm at times.

I really enjoy this route, the mix of road running and off roading combined with a manageable distance make it good to run. I finished the 6.64 mile run in just under 58 minutes. A great run.

This is the route

Time for a challenge!

March Madness

As you know I need something to challenge me. I need a goal to drive to. Take the 10 mile run I achieved a few weeks ago. I had it mind to run  the 10 mile route, and built up to it over a few weeks. I achieved it.

And by achieving it I felt good, it built my confidence as a runner, and has given me further confidence to enter other races (more of that in another post).

So this is my aim, I am going to attempt to run 155K in March. There are 31 days in March, and I am aiming for 5K per day! Some of you may be thinking ‘that’s not much of a challenge!’, but it is to me.

It’s really that simple!

Is it really that simple? What am I going to need to do to achieve it? Well I don’t intend on running every day. I still need my rest days. I figured I need to do 20K during the week, and make the rest up at weekends, rest days will be Monday and Friday as normal.

I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a bit of a mission! but that’s what a challenge is all about right?

Challenges present themselves as different things for different people. We all run at different levels right, some are quicker runners, some short distance, some better at long distance, some trail runners.

Then there are some folk who are lazy fat bastards who sit on their arse all day taking the piss out of people that like to keep fit and eat healthily, they have no get up and go, no drive or real focus. They will never achieve anything. They are miserable, and to a point probably jealous!

I do not wish to be like that, I intend on bettering myself, and if I can do that whilst doing something I enjoy, then good for me!

Healthy diet and plenty of rest!

I eat quite healthily, but I think I could eat healthier. More fruit, less bread. I need to drink more water, every day I mean to drink more, but get caught up in what I am doing or distracted in one way or another. So I need plenty of focus.

I know my Wife will support me, and perhaps join me on the occasional run.

Fatigue will play a major factor in this challenge. I am normally comfortable with running 5K in the mornings, but a challenge is meant to get you out of your comfort zone, so I will be upping the ante a little and aiming for 7-8K if not more. This will tire me out, therefor more rest will be needed.

How I am going to manage that I don’t know!!


I read a lot of other people’s blogs and articles, and gain a lot of inspiration from them. Some set themselves similar challenges and goals, some are just setting out on their running experiences and others are hardy marathon runners. All of these people are just ordinary folk like me.

If they can do it, then so can I.


Sunday 26th February 2012 – a 10K triumph.

Tiredness caught up with me

I haven’t been out for a run since Wednesday.

I couldn’t get out of bed Thursday morning, for some reason I have been so damn tired lately, and trying to motivate myself Thursday morning was hard work. The alarm went off at half 5 and I just thought ‘you know what..I can’t be f*cked!’

I know it’s the wrong attitude, and it’s not like me to be like that, but I have been seriously struggling lately.

Friday is rest day.

Saturday I normally get up and try to do 8-10 miles. But yesterday I was up early and picking up a rental van to go and shift furniture from my Mum’s house back to home. I had planned a run in the afternoon, but got caught up in tidying a load of crap out of our house and getting it ready to take to the dump today.

So today then!

Can I be arsed?

Well today I wanted to do a minimum of 5 miles. Getting out of bed was a mission, my back was aching from humping stuff around yesterday, the ‘can I be arsed?’ thought went through my head a couple of times.

I got up, got changed. went down stairs and stretched and went out.

10K run

Seeing as how during last week the temperature had risen, I went out with just a single layer, and no hat.

Typically we had a slight frost last night, so the initial chill to hit me was quite a shock, but I soon warmed up.

The first mile was mental, couldn’t get into my stride, shoe lace came undone twice and I was thinking ‘a quick couple of miles and I’m done’, by mile 2 I was enjoying it, I knew I had missed it, I’d had 3 days off, struggled with motivation and drive, and now I was back. Just as well really seeing as I have got a big plan for March!

Miles 3 and 4 were a breeze, I was heading back towards home after the 4th mile and aiming for a 6-7 mile run (10K run), keeping it manageable and sensible considering lack of running this week.

Happily I clocked a 6.86 mile run, if you want to see it, here it is.

Wednesday 22nd February 2012 – the temperature is rising!

Bright and early??

One thing I am noticing about the early morning starts lately is that it’s slowly but surely getting lighter earlier.

This helps when running on roads where there are no street lights! It also helps mentally too. It makes getting out of bed easier.

The hardest thing about going out running early in the morning is actually getting my arse out of bed. Once I am up and getting dressed I am fine.

midweek mildness

Over the past few weeks I’ve been wearing two tops to help keep warmer and a hat to keep the heat it. This morning I made a mental note to myself that tomorrow I wouldn’t need the hat and extra top.

The temperature is hovering around 4 to 6 degrees in the morning now, that’s close to tropical considering a week or so ago I was out running in minus 5!!

If I feel too hot when running I get claustrophobic and agitated and don’t enjoy the run a much as normal. So less is better.

today’s run

Apart from being far too hot and agitated this morning, the run was pretty good. Exact same distance and almost same time as yesterday. Need to keep up with the consistency.

There was a bit of a wind whipping across the fields, which slows you down a bit when running into it, and on occasion took my breath away. But it was all good.

Same again tomorrow. Still preparing for the big challenge.

You can see the route here.