LETJOG14 – Week 6

Struggling to run

There were things running this week, but it wasn’t me…OK, it was two parts of me, and it wasn’t a pretty sight. A sickness bug has left me feeling shite for the best part of the week.

After last week’s poor showing I was desperate to get out for 4-5 runs this week, but seemed to be hitting the karsi 4-5 times per day instead! I didn’t fancy going out to run, my body was aching and the thought of getting ‘caught short’ was not helping.

The problem is when I don’t run I get agitated and moody, and that’s not good.

Imagine how much fun I was to be around this week, sickness bug and lack of fresh air and running – sorry Wifey :)

Warwick Castle Half Marathon

To make things worse there are but a few weeks left until the Warwick Castle Half at the end of March, and I am putting myself under increasing pressure to ramp the mileage up and start knocking out 10-12 milers, the most I am doing is 5-6 miles – which I don’t think is enough, and certainly not often enough.

Being part of the LETJOG14 challenge does help – but I need to focus a bit more.

This Week’s Runs!

Friday - 5.2 miles (click here) – I have a 3.5 mile route I normally run at work, but today decided to try to add a mile or so. Running from Cannon Street, up towards Aldgate, dropping down to Tower Bridge, past the Tower of London, up onto Tower Bridge, dodging in and out of tourists and pedestrians, photo-bombing loads of photos left right and centre, along the south side now by the river, past Lord Mayor’s office, along to the south side of London Bridge, past Borough Market, along Southdown Road and up to Blackfriar’s Bridge and over the river for the second time. Past Blackfriar’s Station, up towards Farrigdon Road, turn right along the North side of meat market, drop through past St Bart’s, weave through the back streets towards St Paul’s station, down Cheapside, under Poultry and back to the office. Very quick considering I wasn’t quite 100% and could of made a mess at any given moment hahaha.

Saturday – 5.1 miles (click here) - I wanted to get out for a quick 5k while the oldest was at football training, the weather wasn’t looking great, it was blinking windy and rain was iminent, however, run a did, and at a good pace. I know it’s not all about the pace, but I am so bloody competitive I have to beat myself all the time and if I am running quicker I am happy. Although I would be equally as happy to crack out a 12 miler at any pace at the moment.

Weekly total = 10.3 miles

Total covered this year = 77.45 miles

Distance left to cover = 793.55 miles.

Finally less that 800 miles to go…it seems to have taken ages!!


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