Marathon Training Plan – Week 1

Marathon training plan – week 1

Monday 9th july 2012

Thankfully today was a rest day, which I needed after the Felsted 10k yesterday. My legs were aching a bit, and the last thing I needed was to be getting up early.

Tuesday 10th july 2012

Today’s run was 30 mins easy run, so I figured a 3-4 mile simple pace around the village, I was up bright and early and keen to get the marathon training plan underway.

The run was ok, nothing too strenuous, I managed to complete the run in 30mins 11 seconds. Rest day tomorrow.

Here’s today’s training run.

wednesday 11th july 2012

Another rest day. I could get used to these – although this is the only week with 3 rest days in. It’s a tough slog from here on in!

thursday 12th july 2012

Today was down to be a 40 mins steady pace run. I figured what ever I did at running club would equal or better that.

And it did.

Here’s today’s training run.

friday 13th july 2012

Another fantastic rest day.

saturday 14th july 2012

Run for 30 minutes. According to my marathon training plan, that was all I had to do today.

I did the same route as Tuesday, nice, simple and steady.

Here’s today’s run.

sunday 15th july 2012

According to the marathon training plan I had to do a long run today, to the tune of 6 miles. I decided I would do the Utling run, a quiet country lane route around the back roads between villages, and a couple of stonking hills in there for good measure.

A cracking time of 52 minutes, I was very pleased with it, it’s a brilliant route and a good one for me to test my 10k times on.

Here’s today’s run.


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