Saturday 14th April 2012 – Breaking barriers

The weekend has landed.

Saturday again. I’ve had a busy week.

I missed my Tuesday and Wednesday runs, a slight chest infection and a trip to Paris scuppered those, and seeing as it was a short week due to Bank Holidays I am a day or two behind.

I have been planning my run all week, 15 miles was the target distance, no targeted time, I just wanted to be able to complete the 15 miles. This time though I was not going to run along the river so far, I think that was one of the reasons my legs and body felt broken after the last long run. So today I was only going to run a mile or two along the river.

As my running partner and great mate Rob Cameron says, “I need to get some miles under my belt” especially seeing as I have now entered the Amsterdam Marathon 2012.

Ideal conditions

I woke up full of enthusiasm and raring to get out and hit the road, I couldn’t of asked for better running conditions, it was slightly chilly, the sun hadn’t been up all that long, the roads were quiet…ideal!!

A mile and a half in and I was struggling, not just physically but mentally too, my legs weren’t sure what my brain was telling them, and my brain had no idea what the hell my legs and arms or the rest of my body was doing. I was determined to keep going though, I wanted to run. I needed to run.

Panic over.

I needn’t have worried, I soon got back into the swing of things, my stride and pace re-appeared and I was settling back into things nicely.

I detoured left at about 4.5 miles and headed on a steady mile or so decent towards the river. After the previous battering on the hard clay tow path a week or so ago, I was pleased to see that the recent rain had softened the ground, muddy in patches, but easier to run on, I headed towards Chelmsford town center for a mile or so, before heading back up towards Springfield.

A slight detour to elongate the route, and add a bit more distance and different scenery took me round in a loop and back on to the main road. It’s good to add new surroundings to a route.

Breaking another barrier

At mile 10 I was miles from home still, barely coming into Springfield, a quick route calculation meant I was sure to break the 15 mile barrier, this put a spring in my step, my legs were beginning to feel stiff and on auto pilot, I upped it a notch, got my head down and ran.

I broke the 13 mile barrier well over 2 miles from home.

Finally passing the 15 mile mark I was done. My legs just stopped, I was quarter of a mile from home. I walked the rest of the way home, happy. Aching like mad, but happy.

This is my longest run to date


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