Saturday 7th April 2012 – Broken.

Take two of these.

As you will note from the other blog posts in this running blog, I have been quite fortunate so far with health and injury. My luck had to change at some stage. Law of averages.

Yesterday evening I had a raging sore throat, and I ached a little. I took some tablets before I went to bed, hoping that it would be gone by the morning, and I would be able to go for my weekly long run as planned.

When I woke up in the morning, the burning sensation in my throat that was triggered every time I swallowed had gone. I tested it several times and on each occasion there was no hint of pain or discomfort. I felt my legs and arms, no aching there either.

Bloody hell those tablets were good!

I am going for a run then.

The first mistake I made.

Initially all was well, getting out of bed was a breeze, getting changed equally as simple, stretching and going down stairs were OK, admittedly I wrestled a bit with the ipod and ear phones lead, but I do that every morning.

It all started going wonky at around the one mile mark, my right calf starting to go tight, using my in depth knowledge as a Doctor: I chose to ignore it and brush it off as a niggle.

My aim for today was to equal if not better the 14 miles or so I did last week, running along the river again. This was the second mistake I made.

Pain pain go away…

As I ran down hill between miles one and two heading for the bridge across the river and my cue to turn right and run along the river side, my left calf must of wanted to play up too, as it started to tighten and cause me as much pain as my right one.

Being an idiot I soldiered on. In hindsight this was the wrong thing to do. Every damn step I took was agony. I thought I would just run to the three mile mark, then turn around and go home at a gentle jog / quick walk. As I approached the third mile the pain eased off in both legs.

“brilliant, I will carry on then” I thought to myself. This was my third mistake, not good considering I hadn’t even been out of bed for 45 minutes yet!

With true British grit…

That heading should say “Like a total idiot..”

I kept going, the hard clay based muddy ground along the river bank was torture on my legs, my shins felt as if they were going to crack and give way with each step, my thoughts went to ringing Wifey and asking her to meet me at the next lock and take me home, that was another mile or so away yet, I could make it to there though…couldn’t I?

Anyway, no point ringing Wifey, her mobile was on silent and she would still be sound asleep. Looked like it was going to be either a nice slow painful walk home, or just keep going, but with perhaps a shorter route, the same one as last Sunday, but that was 9-10 miles, and a good three miles of that was a continuous uphill plod.

I must be bloody mental.

I turned right at the lock and ran 3 miles uphill, various gradients, various scenery, a little bit of country lane, a little bit of main road an awful lot of agony.

I have never been so happy to get to the two mile straight towards home as I was this morning. My mind was racing with thoughts of never running again, my throat was now raging, I felt sick, my legs were shaking, plus it was our youngest’s party tomorrow, we had family over, the last thing I needed was to be ill and ruin it.

I just kept going.

The end seemed to be miles away, every step was painful, my shoulders ached, my vision was a little on the wobbly side and I was sweating like a trooper. It took me about 20-22 minutes to run that two miles, I am not sure how my legs did it.

I was so very happy to get home, get out of my running kit and into something warm. I was physically shaking and felt quite sick and cold.

I took another couple of those magic tablets.

Might be best if I have a week off running…

If you’re interested, then here is my idiotic run!


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