Marathon Training Plan – Week 6

Already it’s week 6 of my marathon training plan, all ok up to now, I have missed a few runs here and there, which is annoying but unavoidable at the time. Where they have been missed I have tried to make up for them elsewhere.

All in all, I think I am pretty much on target, my main aim now is nailing the long runs and getting the distances in.

Here’s how this weeks marathon training plan worked out;

monday 13th august 2012

Monday’s are rest days, so I did just that.

tuesday 14th august 2012

Ashamed to say it, but I never managed a run today, not entirely my fault. OK so I couldn’t be arsed to get out of bed this morning, and opted for an extra hour or so in bed.

I decided I would go to the running club for the Tuesday evening training session, something I have wanted to do for ages, and been told I should be doing. As I was driving up the road near Strider’s HQ, the runners from the club all ran past me. It seems they had set off earlier.

I would never have caught up with them by the time I’d parked the car – so I turned around and went home feeling quite dispondent.

wednesday 15th august 2012

Right, so having missed a run yesterday I was mega keen to get out today. Didn’t get out of bed in time (feeling so tired in the mornings lately, probably the holiday catching up with me), so instead I went out this evening.

Target distance was 7 – 10 miles, target pace was 8:30 to 8:40 minutes per mile.

Happy to report both targets were met – well almost, I was a little slower on average pace at 8:42 minutes per mile, but it’s as near as damn it.

Here are the stats and the route.

thursday 16th august 2012

Running club night. I checked out the Springfield Striders website this morning to see what course we would be doing, and found that it was going to be 5K time trials this evening. Hopefully I could improve on my previous time, of which I thought was about 24 mins 50 (ish) seconds.

We ran the mile to the start, a gentle pace mainly downhill, into the park and to the starting point.

The route was as previous, along the path at the side ofthe river, under the bypass, over the footbridge, left down the footpath at the end of Fifth Avenue, which heads all the way to the Uni at the bottom of the other Avenues, round the back of the Uni, into the park over the bridge, then repeat for a 2nd lap, only to turn right after the final bridge and 100 yards top the finish. Nice and flat and simple…and tough.

I started at break neck speed, yet again. I was running around 6:50 – 7:00 minute pace for the first mile, I felt ok, but knew I would not be able to maintain this kind of pace and would probably drop down to about 8:00 very soon.

Instead I kept my breathing steady, and gave myself targets to reach; the underpass, the bridge, the next marshall, all the while trying to maintain this crazy pace. I did slow a little, my legs were like lead weights (probably still feeling the effects of yesterday’s 9 miler).

The second mile was slower, but only by 30 seconds, 7:30 minutes was pretty good going. Could I keep this up for the last mile or so?? In my head I broke the route down into small chunks and laughed to myself when I reached them, my legs were shot but I was keeping the pace up.

Mile 3 was 7:33 minutes. My overall time was 23:17. I had beaten my previous time. I was very happy, I thought I had knocked well over a minute off my pervious PB, it turns out though that my previous PB was 23:58, so only 40 seconds had been knocked off…even still I was buzzing!!

Here’s the new 5K PB stats.

I have a new target now for 5K, and that’s a sub 23 minute run.

A gentle run back to Strider’s HQ, warm the legs down a bit and head home.

friday 17th august 2012

Friday’s are rest days remember!

saturday 187th august 2012

We’re away this weekend, staying in Stevenage for my cousin’s wedding. We travelled up today and will be staying for a couple of nights, not getting a run in today (it’s far too hot to be running during the day), perhaps tomorrow.

sunday 19th august 2012

Managed to get up and go for a run this morning, not as early as I liked, nor did I run as far as I would of liked, but even at 8:30am it was stuffy, hot and humid.

Here’s the hilly run.


Thursday 24th May 2012 – 5K time trials

British summertime

We had a good few days of lovely warm weather. I am not sure how long it is going to last, but it’s hot, people are happier (unless they are stuck in traffic or stuck on a packed train on the underground), the flowers are well in blossom, and everywhere around here is getting greener by the day.

This will probably be the only week or so of really good weather this year, so we should make the most of it. Although some of us will still be moaning because it is too hot.

5K time trials.

This was my second week at the running club, I had been looking forward to going all day. Having checked out the website earlier in the week, I noted that there would be 5K time trials this week.

5K? Simple. I had ran than time and time again. 5K time trials? I guessed that was a race. Run it as fast as you can…right?

I wasn’t overly concerned, I had ran 5K in under 24 minutes before, I thought that if I pushed myself I would be able to do it again.

We met at the club house and ran a mile or so to the parkland behind Chelmsford University. The 30 or so of us lined up, listened to directions of the route we were going to take. Two laps, along the river, under the underpass, keep on going, turn right, over the bridge, left again along the back of the Avenues, through the University car park, around the front of the University, around the back of what looked like the food hall, over the bridge on the left hand side, turn left for lap two.

Too fast too soon

As always, I got over cocky and over-confident, thinking I was going to breeze it. The competitive side of me came out instead of the sensible side.  I ran off at such a pace that when the app belted out my time at the first mile, it was it was 6 mins 57 secs. Probably the fastest first mile I had ever run. Foolishly I hadn’t taken into account the wonderfully warm evening, it must of been about 18-20 degrees, and it was humid, that didn’t help with my running. Not one little tiny bit!

No surprise then that my second mile was a lot slower at 7 mins 54 secs and the third mile was 8 mins 15 secs. I was properly shagged. I need to learn ‘less haste more speed’ theory a little more.

I may have worn myself out too quickly but I was happy to finish in 24 mins 45 secs, not last by any means but the first few to finish did it about 5 or 6 minutes quicker than me…that was quick!

I’ve set myself a marker now, and will be aiming to get under 24 minutes (in a sensible manner) next time. One day I want to get to 20 minutes. I bit more practice me thinks!

So, once we had all finished, and got our breath back, we all ran back to the clubhouse, a nice gentle up hill mile long run. Lovely.

Here’s the route and time.