Thursday 3rd May 2012 – Swans in flight

Alarm call.

Yesterday morning my alarm went off at 5:10am, I woke up, blinked and turned the alarm off, then annoyingly put my head back on the pillow for ‘a couple of seconds’, next thing I know it’s 5:50am and I am waking up AGAIN!

I was very annoyed. I hadn’t been up early on a weekday for a run for what seems like ages, and I was very much looking forward to getting up and out yesterday, especially as it was raining. It put me in a crap mood for most of the day.

Well it wasn’t going to happen twice!


I intended to get a decent run in this morning. The plan was to complete 5 to 6 miles. Not running yesterday morning had left me feeling frustrated, going for a run always makes me feel better.

I’ve been used to getting up early 2 or 3 times per week and going for a run for a while now, I’d somehow slipped out of my routine and become a little lazy, and this was annoying me. What was double annoying was bloody over sleeping yesterday!

I hauled my arse out of bed, got my kit on and headed out.


The air was fresh yet a little damp and there was very little wind, ideal running conditions for me. The sun was just beginning to rise, but the clouds hindered it’s full glory much as they had done for the past couple of weeks.

My target was the long route around the village to the top end and back, this was about 5.5 miles. The first miles or so was a struggle but I soon settled into a good pace of about 8 minutes 40 seconds per mile.

Heading back from the A12 interchange roundabout I was just about to attack Mental Hill (I call it this because it plays havoc with my mental state especially when its in the later part of a long run) when out of the corner of my eye I noticed 3 swans flying in unison above the field to my right. There’s something beautifully majestic about watching swans in flight, this out a smile on my face and I pumped my arms and legs and I ran up the hill and headed homeward.

I managed to complete a 5.3.mile distance in a time of about 46 minutes, I was happy. It had been a good run.

Hopefully Saturday’s run will be just as good.

Here’s the quick run.


Sunday 11th March 2012 – New 3030s

Asics Gel 3030 (photo courtesy of Direct Sports) New Asics

I finally managed to get myself some new running shoes.

I was lucky enough to get a couple of quid for my birthday, and seeing as my trainers are 18 months old, if not older, and I wondered if they were contributing to the recent pains in my knee, I thought I might invest in a new pair.

Plus I have begun increasing my distances gradually. Definitely time to change.

Serious advice

The chappie in the Asics store was very helpful, I finally had my gait sorted out, with the assistance of of the shiny fandangled machine and some squats of all things. Much to the amusement of other customers in the store.

I never realised that there were so many types of running shoe. Seriously, all made for different arch levels and gait and stride etc. Apparently I stride on the outer edge of my foot and then my foot turns in, which is quite common, but I needed something to support and counter the arch collapsing.

The gel in the sole of my current trainers was probably shot to bits too, a potential contributing factor to my aching knee. By all accounts you should change your trainers every 6 months. I should be on my fourth pair by now!!

Time for a test run

I couldn’t wait to get out and give the new trainers a bit of a test run. They’d felt very comfortable in the store and now I needed to get out in them.

A brisk 5 miles should do the trick!

The difference was immediately noticeable. Especially the cushioned feeling as my feet hit the pavement / road. I was sub consciously aware that my feet were turning in as I ran and found myself trying to counter this action, this was helped by the arch support in the shoe.

I’m not sure if it was either, both or neither of these things that helped my knee, but the lack of discomfort in my knee was noticeable when I had finished.

Whatever the reason it was a great little run, and I am pleased that I find running 5 miles now just as easy as running 3. I have a feeling that 5 miles will be standard distance from now on in.

155k Challenge update

So far I have covered 51.71 miles which is 83.22k. Well on track for the 155k I set out to do this month.

I have a feeling I may increase the challenge to a straight 200k!

This is the run.