Fun runs

What is a fun run?

What is a fun run? Well a fun run for me is a run / race that you can enter without actually having to be good at running or actually having to run at all. Which is handy!

Many people of all ages enter them and each person has their own reason for entering the race. Each person is probably running or walking to raise money for a charity for or on behalf of a loved one, and it’s all done with fun in mind.

The Farleighs Hospice Santa Fun-run

In December I took part in the Farleighs Hospice Santa fun run. I cost me a tenner to enter and I thought it would be a nice way to raise a little bit of money for a great charity, give me something to keep getting up in the freezing cold mornings to train for, plus the opportunity to dress up as Father Christmas – always a bonus!

It was a two and a half mile run, which wasn’t a big deal, it was nice to be involved in a fantastic event and helping to raise some money too.

The day of the run

On the day I had my little fan club at the ready; consisting of my mum, my wife and 2 little boys. The look on their little faces (I am referring to the boys faces, not so much my mum’s or wife’s faces) when they saw Father Christmas in the front room was priceless, imagine their faces when they saw 300 Father Christmas’ limbering up for a run!!

It was lovely to have them all with me waving me off from the starting line, and to cheer me across the finish line and give me a big hug…quite emotional actually.

Thankfully the weather was freezing cold, there was a blustery wind and rain in the air, which I don’t mind at all.

I prefer it to be cold rather than sweltering hot, not that it was going to be much over 10 degrees at the beginning of December!!

The fun run (race)

Each and every Father Christmas had been put through a gruelling 15 minute warm up by an evil fitness instructor (she wasn’t evil really, just had everyone working hard to warm up, all in good spirits though), so then we all headed to the start line.

I was midway back, surrounded by people of all ages and sizes and remembering what my wife had told me “it’s a fun run, the emphasis is on FUN” “I’ll take it easy then” I thought.

Anyway, the siren went, off went Rudolf on his mountain bike (we all had to follow him, and were not allowed to overtake him – fat chance of that), everyone urged forward, and I followed the crowd, until we got around the first bend that is, and wifey couldn’t see me.

I steamed nearer the front and pretty much kept overtaking people, my pain in the arse competitive streak had kicked in and I wanted to run – fast. In my head I wanted to finish in top ten, and judging by my position I may just do that, I had a couple of plodders to get past and I had done it.

I kept hearing wifey’s voice in my head, I had the angel on one shoulder (wifey) and a demon on the other shoulder (competitive me).

The thing was I wasn’t the only one doing it competitively, oh no. I reckon everyone in the top 15 or so ran that fun run with the intent in finishing as quick as possible. And I reckon most of them belong to a running club. The 14 year old lad who won certainly did, he was about 5 minutes ahead of everyone else, he certainly made Rudolf work for his money!

I did finish in top ten, I was 8th, and I think I did it under 20 minutes. Hardly broke a sweat (yeah right).

Can’t wait until next year!