Sunday 15th January 2012

Be prepared

As an ex cub scout, I am always prepared!

Ha ha ha what a crock, I am never prepared, albeit true I was a cub scout, a beaver prior to that, I grew up totally unprepared for most things.

Life just happened. I think.

These days though things are slightly different. I am prepared to run any time, any place.

Have trainers will travel, as it were.

Seize the moment

We’d planned to go to my Mum’s for lunch on Sunday, it’s not often she cooks (safest that way), but she does cracking roast potatoes (no good for my healthy eating regime).

We got to her house for 11am ish, unloaded the kids, the bags and the food (why we take so much stuff for a half day visit??).

So anyway, half an hour later after a quick chat and the boys had settled down, I said “right then, just going for a quick run before lunch”

No retort, great, off I went to get changed.

This used to be my playground

Harrow Lodge Park. Hornchurch.

I walked through it twice a day for 5 long school years. I played football over there. I learnt to swim in the swimming baths. I climbed trees, went to the fair, played army, fished the lakes, kissed girls and got drunk over that park.

Lots of happy memories.

I love running through the park now, the lakes are the same, still loads of swans, the same knackered pedalos and wonky fountain. Football pitches still in the same place, all the same – the only thing different is they have now improved the swings and slides for the kids. Which is nice.

The odd thing is it doesn’t seem to be very big. Don’t get me wrong it is a big park, but not as big as it used to be. Like chocolate bars, you know what I mean?

Short and sweet

I ran for what seemed like ages before my app kicked in and advised me that I’d just ran 1 mile at such and such a pace, really odd.

Anyway, after yesterday’s cracking 7.69 miles I didn’t want a major run, just enough to enjoy the scenery, get the pulse racing and build an appetite before dinner.

I cranked up a nice little 2.5 mile route, got home, warmed down, got changed and tucked into roast chicken with all the trimmings. Extra potatoes and Yorkshire puddings!

You can see my results here.