LETJOG14 – Week 9

 Focus. I need to focus.

Again, I was determined to get some decent mileage under my belt this week, I haven’t run as far as I thought I would have done in this LETJOG14 challenge. I was desperate to do a 10+ miler!

I didn’t manage to get out on Sunday, nor Tuesday and Wednesday, but it still turned out to be a bit of a mixed bag this week, one disasterous run and one cracker!!

This Week’s Runs!

Thursday 3.2 miles – I had been looking forward to a long run after work, I had the route planned in my head, I knew what pace I wanted to do, I’d had a decent lunch…..by the time I got home I was ready to rock n roll. I got changed, kissed the clan and headed out.

First issue was waiting for the GPS Garmin watch type thing to connect to a satellite, that took about 10 minutes, it was ok though, I was still motivated dispite the cold, I pressed start on the watch and start on the Map my Run iphone app thing, and headed off. It wasn’t until I’d gone about a mile and a half when I realised that I hadn’t heard the app lady shouting out my splits / distance at a mile…I look at my phone which is strapped to my arm, and it hadn’t started. I was sure I had heard her say ‘begin workout’. Bloody wench!! Apparently not.

So, I had to pause the watch, knob around with the app – which didn’t want to play – and then start off again. I’d lost all motivation, especially when the app started telling me random times and distances. I hadn’t even gone two miles yet, and had no desire to continue. Messing around with the app had pissed me off, so I trotted back home.

Hence no ‘click here’ option for this run. I was gutted, but no point in continueing – I’d lost focus.

Saturday – 11.54 miles (click here) - After the app meltdown on Thursday, I needed to get out for a long run, so I tried again on the Sunday.

The route back in my head, a pace somewhere between 7:50 and 8:20 per mile was the target. I was in the zone and ready to run.

Straight down through the village to Boreham Interchange, over the A12, up past the BMW garage, then Sainsbury onwards towards BnQ, over the roundabout (mistake: this took me onto the dual carraigeway / bypass type road, luckily there was a small path), down to the roundabout with the dodgy carvery on, chuck a left, a little bit down hill towards the retail park, right at the round about, then right again, uphill now, left at the lights, follow it all to the Young Offenders prison, right at the lights, more up hill all the way to Aldi, left over the railway bridge, towards the second round about, swing a right, uphill again towards Beaulieu Park, just over two miles of uphill running I was fudged but my pace was pretty constant.

I plodded around Beaulieu Park, back around to Sainsbury, left past the BMW garage, up and over the A12 and headed back home on the 2 mile straight.

And yes it has occured to me that I may describe the route, but you guys probably haven’t got a clue where I am describing….hahaha

1h 34 mins. 11.54 miles. Av pace 8:12. I was well happy.

Weekly total = 14.72 miles

Total covered this year = 121.37 miles

Distance left to cover = 749.63 miles.

Next target – 150 miles (not far now)


Tuesday 6th March 2012 – Running with Michael Caine


I think I’ve mentioned before that I really like my Tuesday morning run. I’m normally rearing to go after a long run at the weekend, and getting Monday out go the way, no one likes Monday’s do they??

After only managing to crank up 3.43 miles instead of the intended 5 miles, I was a little behind on my planned distance for the week. So today was time to get back to the game plan and get back to the 4-5 mile morning run.

My name is Michael Caine!

I have been scouring music albums to find something that could set me at a decent pace, much akin to that of last Saturday – that was an ideal pace and something I have wanted to achieve for a few weeks. There are a few running albums out there, but a lot of the songs I found annoying and knew that if they were to come on whilst I was running I would be frustrated and it would put me off my run.

I do have some great tracks to run to, perhaps I will share them in a future blog post.

Then I had a thought. How about an audio book? It’s a steady constant sound, perfect for settling into a stride.

I scoured iTunes audio books and came across a few great autobiographies, but one stuck out the most.

The one and only Mr Michael Caine CBE.

The run.

To be honest the run was a bit of a blur. I was so bloody engrossed in what Mr Caine was saying I could of run until he finished telling me his story.

I may have found the thing to keep my pace and stride settled. A very comfortable run, and a very respectable 4.81 miles, which is another 7.74k off the 155K.

Only 114.45k left to go!

You can see the run and the route here.

Editor’s note: I can highly recommend the Michael Caine autobiography, especially the audio book as he narrates it himself.