Thursday 1st March 2012 – The challenge begins

The challenge begins

So today is the 1st March 2012, and the day I begin my 155K challenge.

To be honest I wasn’t going to get up and run this morning, I was going to start the challenge on Saturday with a 10 miler (16k ish), but I didn’t run yesterday morning and I was keen to get up and get out.

Aiming for 4 miles

The aim for this morning was at least 4 miles (6.5k), a nice steady run as a warm up for Saturday. I managed a respectable 4.88 miles, which is 7.85k, leaving me 30 days to run 147.15k!

Shouldn’t be a problem really.

I just need to get used to running that bit further of a morning. I was running 3.2 miles, that extra 1.5 miles takes me about 12 minutes, and includes for 2 hills! It makes me puff and blow like a bastard but that will change within a week or so once I am used to it. In theory anyway.

Weather issues

At the moment the temperature is quite mild, it’s about 6 – 8 degrees in the mornings, which is nice to run in.

The problem is next week there is a slight threat of cold weather, temperatures dropping below zero and…snow! This could hamper the running situation as it did a couple of weeks ago.

Just need to get as many miles in as I can before it comes.

The run

A good run out this morning, managed to run a little bit further than I did on Tuesday with the ’tester run’, and I reckon if I can do at least that 3 times during the week I should be well on target for the 155k.

You can see the route here.


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